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Our Top Selling Solutions

second prototype
The Prototype Program

We recognize that many of our customers may have a need for a Prototype Program that can enable rapid development (3-5 day Delivery). Learn More…

second nameplate
Custom Nameplates

We have built our reputation for manufacturing high-performing and durable sub-surface custom labels for our customers around the globe. Learn More …

Domed Labels & Decals

Give your products a classic, high-end look with our custom Domed Labels & Decals which will allow your product to be recognized and remarkable. Learn More…

UL labels
UL®/CSA & Safety Labels

We manufacture UL® labels that meet certain standards and specifications to ensure high-quality and safety compliance requirements. Learn More…

Herstellung von Gasturbinen in einer Fabrik fr Maschinenbau - Interieur und Arbeiter //  Production of gas turbines in a factory for mechanical engineering - interior and workers

Industrial Manufacturing

From Clean Energy, Engineering, Industrial Design and more, NFI works with many Manufacturers & OEMs in building high-quality custom solutions and products that last a lifetime.

some surgeons  doing difficult operation in hospital


From BioTech, Healthcare, Medical Devices and more, NFI offers industry expertise and innovative solutions that are high-performing while meeting and exceeding industry requirements.


Technology & Communications

From Computers, Electronics, Instrumentation and more, NFI collaborates with our clients to deliver high- performing and transformative graphic products and solutions.

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From Aeronautical, Aerospace, Heavy-Duty Equipment & Recreational Vehicles and more, NFI provides customized and innovative products and solutions  with a proven track record of high-quality and performance.

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