Tamper Evident and Tamper Proof Labels

Consider this scenario: Your organization (perhaps an office, school or agency) has high traffic and many physical assets. Custom tamper evident labels can indicate if that equipment has been disturbed.

Here’s another scenario: Your company manufactures electronics with strict warranty requirements. Tamper proof stickers can clearly reveal when consumers inappropriately remove or meddle with components.

With custom tamper-evident labels from NFI Corp, you’ll have proof and protection for inventory tracking, warranties and a host of other critical applications.

2 Types of Material Construction: Destructible Vinyl and Tamper Evident Labels

NFI Corp specializes in manufacturing two kinds of commonly utilized tamper proof and tamper evident labels:

  1. Tamper-evident labels (often referred to as tamper proof or tamper resistant labels) are constructed with durable Mylar®. The front of the label warns “Void if removed.” When someone tries to lift off this label, the message underneath says “VOID” or shows a pattern.
  1. Destructible vinyl labels (often referred to as indestructible labels) disintegrate into tiny pieces when someone tries to remove them, which can thwart potential theft. This type of sticker shows clear evidence of being disturbed. Note that destructible vinyl labels cannot be reused or reapplied to other assets.

What Are You Looking For? We Can Help!

Companies around the world rely on NFI Corp as their source for a variety of custom tamper-evident labels, including:

  • Tamper proof labels & stickers
  • Tamper evident stickers
  • Tamper resistant labels & stickers

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Why Buy Tamper-Evident Labels from NFI Corp?

In our decades as a custom label provider, NFI Corp has teamed with companies in all types of industries from around the world. Backed by this breadth and depth of experience, our pre-press experts know how to listen to your needs and concerns.

For example, for your situation, do you require tamper-evident labels or destructible labels? Or do you simply need to ensure labels cannot be peeled off? We can customize your labels for either situation. And thanks to our engineered adhesive, long-lasting durability is a point of pride for NFI Corp.

Next, our pre-press experts utilize their experience to create your custom labels and help you select among the many options for materials, substrates, inks and adhesives. Our in-house pre-press and production teams have the knowledge base to engineer and manufacture the specific custom label product to meet your needs and goals. And you can rest assured that at NFI Corp, nothing is ever outsourced.

Keeping everything in-house is a key component of our enterprise-wide Design-to-Delivery quality system. Our skilled pre-press experts and production team members focus on quality at every step in the process.

This ensures you get an exceptional product with on-time delivery. In fact, we monitor our delivery track record, and we’re proud that NFI Corp continually exceeds 99% on-time delivery. This means we’ll meet your deadline. Period. Plus, we can expedite projects for rushed timelines.

ISO Certification and More

As an ISO 2000-certified company, NFI Corp has implemented systems that ensure consistency and quality. Together, these quality systems drive our 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. Additional certifications and services include:

  • UL® 969 Recognized Constructions
  • CSA Certified Constructions
  • ITAR Registration (ensures export control is in place)
  • The ability to provide first article reports, 100% visual inspection and audits

Get a Prototype of Your Tamper-Evident Labels

With NFI Corp’s Prototype Program, you can get rapid product development with a guaranteed fast turnaround. This is a great way to take advantage of small runs and use them as a marketing and engineering test to confirm form, fit and function.

Our Prototype Program offers:

  • Individualized support from our skilled design and pre-press team
  • Rapid development (3-5 day delivery)
  • Small quantity production (10 pieces)
  • Testing without the costs of full production or tooling

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