Custom roll labels: A fast, affordable solution

Who says you can’t get quantity and quality – and get it FAST? With NFI Corp.’s cost-effective custom roll labels, stickers, and thermal label rolls, you get high-quality labels in large quantities with a quick turnaround time. You can start your project right now, with a custom prototype.

Custom roll labels offer both versatility and durability.

Custom designed to meet your needs, NFI Corp. manufactures flexographic, letterpress, and thermal printed roll labels and stickers. These custom roll labels are an affordable solution for branding, product identification, equipment labeling and inventory tracking. In fact, once you see these labels’ versatility and durability, you’ll discover even more uses!

What kind of custom roll labels do you need? We can help!

Whether you use your custom roll labels in the warehouse, in the field, or in the mailroom, you can count on NFI Corp. as your reliable source for:

  • Custom roll stickers
  • Thermal label rolls
  • Custom printed roll labels

Our design and prepress team ensures your labels are aesthetically pleasing.

Typically, the first step in a custom roll label project is finalizing the design, dimensions, and materials. It’s vital to get these details right from the outset. In fact, a great place to begin is by utilizing our design studio to create a great-looking label.

Whether your project requires a straightforward custom roll label with your company logo or a more complex label with serial codes, bar codes or QR codes, you can rely on our in-house designers for skilled and accurate pre-press setup. (And with NFI Corp, you can trust that your project is never outsourced.)

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Roll label features:

NFI Corp roll label customers can choose from a wide variety of standard options:

  • Customizable for product identity, promotions, shipping and UL®/CSA labels
  • Static or variable serial numbers and bar codes
  • Flexible, imprintable white and silver polyester roll labels are UL® 969-recognized
  • Gloss or litho paper options
  • Imprintable stocks on vinyl, foil, thermal polyester
  • Overlaminating capabilities, perforation and computer pin feed
  • Thermal printing
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Full-color options and custom construction including a variety of foils and reflective materials

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