Durable Plastic Nameplates

Thanks to decades of label engineering and construction experience, NFI Corp’s sub-surface custom plastic nameplates will meet your needs for the long run, including withstanding challenging environments. Exceptionally durable, our custom plastic nameplates are designed to withstand abrasive chemicals, extreme conditions and high temperatures.

Engineered for Durability & Customized to Meet Your Specific Needs

NFI Corp’s sub-surface custom plastic nameplates have the ink on the underside of transparent plastic materials, which makes them resistant to abrasion, oil and chemicals. We’ve designed these high-performing plastic nameplates to offer a vibrant look that will last as long as your product.

Companies in all types of industries – industrial manufacturing, transportation, medical, technology and communications, and more – utilize NFI Corp’s plastic nameplates for product identification, equipment labeling and inventory tracking. And when it comes to brand recognition, our custom plastic nameplates will give your products a polished, professional, high-end look.

Plastic Nameplate Features

NFI Corp’s plastic nameplates have a powerful range of standard features:

  • Abrasion and chemical resistant
  • Custom-engineered adhesive
  • High-performing durability
  • Cost-effective (low tooling costs)
  • Appropriate for indoor and outdoor use
  • Permanent
  • Plastic
  • Weatherproof
  • Imprintable or Capturite® (self-laminating) labels for DIY serial numbering
  • Serial numbers and bar codes
  • Property information, model number, and static or variable data
  • Peel tabs for easy application


NFI Corp utilizes durable, best-in-class materials for the construction of plastic nameplates:

  • Lexan® polycarbonate (UL® or CSA-approved construction)
  • Mylar® polyester
  • Transparent PVC vinyl


Our plastic nameplates can be configured for a range of thicknesses to meet your demanding specifications:

  • .005″ – .030″

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Custom-Engineered Permanent Adhesives

With NFI Corp’s plastic nameplates, you can choose from a number of high quality, durable adhesives:

  • Standard 2-mil adhesive (for smooth metal or HSE plastic surfaces)
  • Thicker 5-mil adhesive (for textured surface application)
  • Special 2-mil and 5-mil LSE adhesives (for powder-coated finishes or LSE plastic)

Rely on NFI Corp for Plastic Nameplate Expertise

Backed by decades of experience, we know your custom plastic nameplates and other graphic solutions need to stay in place and look great despite exposure to abrasives, chemicals, direct sun, high temperatures and salt water. As a plastics specialist, we’ve engineered our products to stand up to challenging conditions.

NFI Corp has also mastered the ability to print on various types of plastics to manufacture durable plastic nameplates, domed labels, graphic overlays, UL markings, membrane switch keypads, decals and variable data labels – all customized to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Get a Prototype of Your Plastic Nameplates – FAST!

NFI Corp’s Prototype Program offers rapid product development. You can get quick turnaround of small runs and use them as a marketing and engineering test to confirm form, fit and function through:

  • Individualized support from NFI Corp’s skilled design and pre-press team
  • Rapid development (3-5 day delivery)
  • Small quantity production (10 pieces)
  • Testing without the costs of full production or tooling

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