Medical Equipment Labels, Tags & Barcodes

As you provide medical equipment and devices to your customers, they trust your brand’s expertise in safety and function. An effective way to reinforce that message is to partner with NFI Corp (Nameplates for Industry) to obtain high performing graphic solutions – including medical device labels, tags and barcodes – because even the smallest components play a critical role in your business’ success.

Labels, Tags & Barcodes Customized for Medical Devices

Medical equipment labels need to provide simple and safe instruction as well as compliance with industry regulations, taking your innovations from testing phase to medical industry certification. At NFI Corp we understand that at the core of this effort is the need for durability, safety and simple yet precise functionality.

In terms of durability, you need medical equipment tags that withstand abrasion and challenging environmental conditions. For example, ICU room temperatures vary from cold to warm, gurneys take abuse during patient transport, and monitoring equipment is regularly moved between multiple locations within the facility. NFI Corp designs durable graphic solutions, including membrane switches, for your equipment’s specific functionality throughout its extensive use.

When it comes to safety and functionality, simple, clearly visible and correct instructions are essential components of critical medical equipment such as defibrillators and echocardiograms. This is especially the case in emergency rooms where time-sensitive tasks are performed every day.

As a developer of these critical tools, you know the importance of compliance – especially when it comes to installation, inspection and maintenance. NFI Corp is a UL® and CSA® label supplier with over 40 years of graphic solutions experience.

Our custom medical equipment labels can be found on biomedical and clinical equipment such as diagnostic ultrasound machines, medical imaging and mammography technologies. Your graphic solutions from NFI Corp will display your commitment to safety and compliance, playing a key role in developing your company’s trusted brand.

A Wide Range of Medical Device Labeling Capabilities

From basic label needs including your company’s identification on equipment and packaging components to instructional labels that contain layman’s terms for usage, you need a range of graphic solutions that meet strict regulations.

When you work with NFI Corp, you have a vendor partner that understands those challenges and will work with you to develop custom medical labels and equipment tags that meet your demanding specifications.

NFI Corp’s graphic solutions are designed to:

  • Meet federal regulations for UL® and CSA® safety requirements
  • Withstand abrasion and exposure to chemicals
  • Be durable and traceable, even in extreme environmental conditions
  • Provide protection against water and weather

You Have Options with NFI Corp

Medical Equipment Tags

Our faceplates and graphic overlays, which are printed on the underside of chemical and abrasion resistant transparent plastic materials, are ideal for recessed moldings, switch assemblies and front panels on medical devices.

NFI Corp serial number and barcode labels will help you allocate and track assets within your company and in the field, while our durable sub-surface nameplates can be custom designed on various substrates to meet your compliance needs.

Designed with Your Brand in Mind

Using your preferred aesthetics, we’ll incorporate color-coding that helps identify and promote your products and services. Your customized NFI Corp graphics solutions will also provide clear and precise instruction for safe equipment operation.

Easy To Order

Your time is valuable, so we strive to make ordering simple and efficient. Ask us for a fast quote and a prototype of your graphic solution, and we’ll also provide a timeline to ensure prompt delivery. Request a visual sample, and we’ll send you an electronic file as well as a list of our competitive prices.

Contact us for more information about our prototyping and broad range of labels and decals, available in various sizes, shapes and colors. Our specialists are ready to answer any questions you have about NFI Corp’s products and services.

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