UL® Labels and CSA, CE and RU Certification Labels

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When you order UL labels and other certification labels from NFI Corp. – a UL approved label supplier – you know your verified labels will meet all standards required by the UL/CSA benchmarks and guidelines.

Thanks to our knowledgeable team, you can rest assured that you’ll obtain approvals on your custom UL labels and stickers, CE labels, CSA labels, RU labels, and more. Our experienced designers and pre-press professionals will guide you through the process from start to finish. This includes UL 969, which is a specialized list of UL-approved label constructions.

UL labels and other certification labels demonstrate to your customers that a sample of your product has been certified to certain standards administered by various North American and global certifying organizations such as:

  • American National Standards Institute
  • CSA Group
  • European Economic Area
  • NSF International
  • Underwriters Laboratories

UL Labels

As you know, most products are required to be permanently marked with specific safety-related information regarding hazards, warnings, installation, electrical ratings, and so forth. To this end, UL has stepped up as a global leader in testing, inspection, and certification. According to the UL website, the UL mark is the single most accepted certification mark in the United States. UL labels appear on 22 billion products annually!

UL labels constructed with label materials that comply with Marking and Labeling Systems requirements ensure you, as a manufacturer, can acquire labels that meet the specific marking requirements applicable to your UL-certified product.

According to the UL website, testing and validation of UL labels includes a construction examination and testing for permanency. Testing on UL label construction and adhesives includes:

  • Environmental testing for exposure to high humidity, occasional exposure to water, elevated temperatures, sunlight, and chemical agents
  • Visual examination to look for curling, wrinkling, shrinkage, or loss of adhesion around the perimeter
  • Evaluating legibility, resistance to defacement, and adhesion

Depending on your product, you may need to use a UL hologram label, which is required for a wide array of electrical products. A few example products that require a UL hologram label include electric ornaments, decorative lighting strings, communication cables, power-supply cords, electric fans, e-motorcycles, and e-scooters. For a complete list of products requiring a UL hologram label, contact NFI Corp., a UL approved label supplier.

Why Use a UL Authorized Label Supplier for Your UL Label Orders?

The UL label tells your customers they can TRUST your product, because it’s been verified to meet certain guidelines. When you place a UL label order, you must TRUST that the label supplier has a full and complete understanding of the UL label printing requirements. You may be surprised to hear that this is no easy task!

For example, to be approved for UL label printing, NFI Corp. is required to participate in the UL Label Authorized Supplier Program. This certification process involves employee training and having the printing facility approved by UL.

Participation in the program as a UL label printing company means we must continually comply with an extraordinary number of program requirements. Plus, we must stay up-to-date with newly introduced UL label guidelines. For example, did you know there are specific “appearance and significance” requirements for UL labels used in Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America? As a UL-approved label supplier, you can trust us to meet all UL benchmarks, while providing a high-performing, affordable label for your product.

What Kind of UL Label or Certification Sticker Do You Need?

With years of experience manufacturing high performing, durable labels and stickers for companies around the world, NFI Corp is your reliable source for all types of certification labels:

  • UL approved labels including all types of UL recognized component marks: UL 969 compliant labels, UL hologram labels, UL 94 stickers, Category PGDQ2, Type L UL Marks, Type R UL Marks, PGJI2 Labels
  • CE labels and CE stickers
  • CSA labels
  • CSA stickers
  • RU labels

Read on for specific information on each category of UL marks and UL labels.

Certification Category PGDQ2

PGDQ2 is a certification category for UL Marking and Labeling Systems for label converters/printers. Per the UL website, the PGDQ2 Marking & Labeling System covers printed labels that are manufactured by a label printer/converter. As a general rule, these labels are sold as die-cut, finished printed labels. PGDQ2 labels are suitable for a wide variety of UL certified products and tested in accordance with test methods in ANSI/UL 969.

UL’s online PGDQ2 Guide notes that this category covers finished printed adhesive-attached labels that provide warnings, instructions, and other information. Here are helpful details:

    •       Regarding the environment – PGDQ2 labels are intended for use indoors (where exposure to high humidity or only occasional exposure to water can be expected) and used in ambient temperatures with a minimal temperature rating down to 0 degrees C (32 degrees F).
    •       Regarding application surfaces — PGDQ2 labels are suitable for application to smooth, flat surfaces such as painted metal surfaces, generic plastic surfaces, glazed porcelain, and metal surfaces such as anodized and die-cast aluminum surfaces.

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UL 969 Labels

UL 969 is considered the de facto performance standard for durable safety label requirements and is the most widely referenced label standard in the supply chain. UL 969 labels are adhesive attached labels (pressure sensitive, heat activated or solvent activated) and in-mold labels for use as permanent nameplates or markers that provide information or instructions. The standard outlines specific criteria regarding the permanence and legibility of UL 969 certified labels as well as the test procedures required to determine compliance.

The UL Standards Catalog for UL 969 labels states that the requirements apply to labels on complete devices, appliances, or equipment. UL 969 compliant labels are adhesive-attached labels used to communicate information, instructions, or identification in the form of text or pictographs. Manufacturers apply UL 969 certified labels on their products at the place of manufacture.

According to the UL Compliance Guidelines for Marking and Labeling Systems, the “UL 969 label standards utilize environmental conditioning of labels prior to their evaluation for label permanency. After applying label samples to the test surface, the labels are conditioned in various exposures such as water immersion, elevated and lowered temperatures, chemical immersions, and ultraviolet (UV) weathering. … Label compliance is determined by visually examining the samples for evidence of curling, wrinkling, shrinkage or loss of adhesion around the perimeter. Compliance also typically includes an evaluation to assess legibility, resistance to defacement, and minimum adhesion performance.”

At a glance, UL 969 labels:

  • May present safety information (attention, caution, warning, etc.)
  • Can include technical product information
  • Are required by proprietary manufacturing procedure documents
  • Are required by the UL standard for the product category

Type L UL Marks

Labels with Type L UR Marks are used on products that must show an issue, lot, or serial number sequence, which is assigned during the label ordering process. These numbers may change on a per order basis. Type L UL marks:

  • Present some type of UL mark: the UL Logo, UL Classified, UL Listed, etc.
  • Show “ISSUE NO.” or “LOT NO.” or “SERIAL NO.” followed by numbers appearing on the authorization order from UL

There are two different Type L UL marks:

  • Standard labels – These Type L UL mark labels contain only the required elements of the UL mark. Additionally, for some product categories, these labels will include a denomination such as length in feet or number of pieces.
  • Combination or custom labels – These Type L UL mark labels include the UL file number or company name in addition to the same basic UL mark information contained on the standard label. The manufacturer is required to submit a copy of the purchase order and label layout to a UL Label Center for review by completing a specific form. (Don’t worry, NFI Corp. will guide you through all review steps to ensure an efficient and successful process.)

Type R UL Marks

The Type R UL mark may be appropriate for your product if it needs a control number of some kind. The control number may be the UL file number for the certified product or a fixed 4-character number associated with a specific UL file number.

A key advantage of teaming with a UL authorized label supplier such as NFI Corp. is this: We guide you through the entire process to design, approve, and print your labels with Type L UR marks, ensuring the process is efficient and successful. If you’re new to using Type L UR marks, the process can be a bit overwhelming or confusing. For example, UL requires that:

  • Manufacturers may submit a copy of their UL mark layout to a UL Label Center for review using a specific form.
  • A copy of the UL stamped layout must be provided by the UL customer location that is placing the order and must remain on file with the authorized label supplier.

Highlights for Type R UL marks include:

  • UL Mark (UL Logo, UL Classified, UL Listed, etc.)
  • 4-character alphanumeric control number (fixed number linked with specific UL file)

UL Recognized Component Marks

UL recognized component marks are:

  • Specifically applied to component parts of a larger product or system
  • Made for restrictions on performance or to indicate incomplete construction
  • Used for switches, power supplies, printed wiring boards, industrial control equipment, etc.

UL 94

UL 94 relates to flammability testing of plastic (polymeric) materials for parts in devices and appliances. According to the UL Standards Catalog, these requirements are intended to serve as a preliminary indication of their acceptability with respect to flammability for a particular application. Specifically, UL 94 relates to measuring and describing the flammability properties of materials used in devices and appliances in response to a small open flame or radiant heat source under controlled laboratory conditions.

The UL 94 standard may assess important characteristics in the end-use application such as ease of ignition, burning rate, flame spread, fuel contribution, intensity of burning, and products of combustion.

In summary, UL 94 labels address:

  • Flammability of plastic materials for parts in devices and appliances
  • Burn rates in various orientations and thicknesses

PGJI2 Labels (Certification Category)

PGJ12 is a certification category for UL “Marking and Labeling Systems – Printing Materials” for label converters/printers. According to the online UL Guide Info for PGJ12, this category covers adhesive-attached label materials such as overlaminations, unprinted label stocks, and printed labels that have been investigated in combination with specific inks for adding information to the label materials using compatible printing equipment. The labels are intended to provide warnings, instructions, and other information.

UL specifies “Conditions of Acceptability” when these components are employed in the end-use equipment:

  • Environmental conditions— PGJI2 labels and materials are intended for use indoors, where exposure to high humidity or only occasional exposure to water can be expected. The labels and materials are considered suitable for use in ambient temperatures down to 0 degrees C (32 degrees F).
  • Application surfaces— PGJI2 labels and materials are suitable for application on smooth, flat surfaces.

CSA Marks

As you know, manufacturers’ products must be tested by an accredited third-party testing agency, such as the CSA Group, to applicable industry standards. This process enables your product to obtain the required certification marks. You can obtain CSA marks for these products:

  • Electrical and electronic products
  • Gas-fired products
  • Plumbing products
  • Personal protective equipment

The CSA mark on your product indicates that a sample has been certified to applicable standards written (or administered by) ANSI, UL, CSA, NSF International, and other North American organizations. In short, the CSA marks and labels prove that your product meets certification requirements. In addition, the CSA mark can demonstrate that additional requirements – e.g., energy efficiency, sanitation, and low lead levels – have been met, as appropriate.


CSA US Indicates that the product was tested and has met the certification requirements for electrical, plumbing and/or mechanical products Canada, U.S.
CSAus Indicates that the product was tested and has met the certification requirements for electrical, plumbing and/or mechanical products U.S.
CSA Indicates that the product was tested and has met the certification requirements for electrical, plumbing and/or mechanical products Canada

CE Mark Labels (European Directive Labels)

Are you planning to sell your product or equipment in the European Economic Area? If so, you’ll want to team with NFI Corp. for CE mark labels. If you’re new to this labeling requirement, here’s a quick primer:

  • The CE mark appears on many products traded in the European Economic Area (EEA).
  • A product with the CE mark label signifies that it meets high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.
  • CE marking supports fair competition by holding all companies accountable to the same rules.

For businesses, there is a key benefit of acquiring CE mark labels: You know that when your product bears the CE mark, it can be traded in the EEA without restrictions.

The CE Mark label is ½” diameter in size, printed black on a silver background and supplied on easy-to-use rolls with an acrylic adhesive suitable for most product surfaces. They are printed on durable UL recognized polyester and overlaminated with a transparent velvet polycarbonate to ensure they’ll last the life of your product.

Features include:

  • UL recognized construction
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Bonds permanently for the life of your product
  • Suitable for all industries
  • RoHS™ compliant
  • Custom sizes and constructions available upon request

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Backed by decades of experience, NFI Corp. is your go-to source for:

  • UL approved labels including all types of UL recognized component marks: UL 969 compliant labels, UL hologram labels, UL 94 stickers, Category PGDQ2, Type L UL Marks, Type R UL Marks, PGJI2 Labels
  • CE labels and CE stickers
  • CSA labels
  • CSA stickers
  • RU labels

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