Custom Asset Tags Protect Your Property

Unfortunately, your company’s property, equipment and/or products can be lost, misplaced or stolen – situations you can’t fully control. Here’s something you can control: To manage inventory, identify assets and discourage theft, rely on NFI Corp’s durable, self-adhesive custom asset tags and inventory labels.

Do you work for an industrial manufacturer, medical equipment supplier or technology and communications company that produces and distributes products? Or do you work for a government agency or military contractor that needs to track equipment and materiel around the globe?

Whatever your industry, you know that every step of the supply chain – manufacturing, product authentication, warehousing and shipping – must be accurately tracked. That’s why so many organizations turn to NFI Corp for durable inventory tags and stickers, property tags and asset tags for equipment.

What Are You Looking For? We Can Help!

Companies around the world rely on NFI Corp as their reliable source for:

  • Inventory tags
  • Security labels
  • Asset labels
  • Inventory labels
  • Inventory stickers
  • Metal asset tags
  • Property tags
  • Custom asset tags
  • Fixed asset tags
  • Inventory control tags
  • Asset tags for equipment

Sub-surface Printing on Weather-Resistant Plastic Ensures Durability

Our high-performing custom inventory labels and asset tags are easy to use, bond to a variety of surfaces and can be used indoors or outdoors. Plus, they can be produced to your exact specifications, including custom wording, design, colors, barcodes or serial numbering.
With sub-surface printing, information is printed on the reverse side of weather-resistant glossy or textured plastic, which protects the ink, color and image. This makes your custom asset tags resistant to abrasion, with the ability to withstand continuous cleanings. In addition, sequential serial numbers that you specify can be digitally produced or hot-stamped and color filled.

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Permanently Mark Variable Information With Embossable Asset Tags

One popular choice is our typewriter-embossable Infofoil. While not as abrasion-resistant as sub-surface printed plastic, the Infofoil’s engineered adhesive is extremely aggressive. This custom asset tag from NFI Corp is the perfect option when you need to write or type your own variable information.

Features of NFI Corp’s Asset Tags and Inventory Tags

  • Abrasion/chemical resistant
  • Custom-engineered adhesive
  • High-performing durability
  • Indoor / outdoor use (can withstand harsh environments)
  • Imprintable labels for DIY serial numbering
  • Capturite® labels offer a unique, coated, imprintable white or silver Mylar® label along with a clear, self-laminating Mylar® cover layer that permanently seals imprinted data or information (perfect for indoor / outdoor use, Capturite® bonds permanently for the life of your product)
  • NFI Corp has years of experience producing all forms of 2D barcode labels including QR code labels, UPC, Code 128, Code 39, UL, CE, ECL, ETL, RFID, UID, UDI and GS1 DataMatrix. Click here for more information on our barcode labels.

Material Options

  • Lexan® polycarbonate (UL® / CSA-approved construction)
  • Mylar® polyester
  • Aluminum
  • Steel

Available Finishes

  • Gloss
  • Matte
  • Metallic
  • Velvet

Additional Options

Get a Prototype of Your Custom Asset Tags

With NFI Corp’s Prototype Program, you get rapid product development with a guaranteed fast turnaround. It’s a great way to source a small run that you can use as a marketing and/or engineering test to confirm form, fit and function.
Specifically, our Prototype Program includes:

  • Individualized support from our skilled design and pre-press team
  • Rapid development (3-5 day delivery)
  • Small quantity production (up to 10 pieces)
  • Testing without the costs of full production or tooling

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