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Do the labels, nameplates, faceplates, membrane switches and other graphic solutions for your next project need to withstand challenging environments or meet compliance standards? With a wide selection of label materials, adhesives and innovative production processes, NFI Corp will meet and exceed your demanding specifications.

The specific needs for your project may relate to extreme environmental conditions (e.g., saltwater, direct sun, extreme temperatures) or strict compliance standards (e.g., UL® / CSA, GS1). Plus, you may need guidance to select the right label materials and adhesive for your project.

Big challenges call for innovative, high-quality graphic solutions that exactly meet your specifications and offer amazing durability. Your graphic solution needs to look great and continue to adhere without fading, tearing, crumbling or peeling away.

That’s why companies worldwide rely on NFI Corp as the global leader in high-performing custom foil labels, polyester labels, metal tags, metallic stickers, aluminum labels, metal adhesive labels, metal equipment tags, and other graphic solutions.

Why Choose NFI Corp?

Graphic Solutions Backed by Our Design-to-Delivery System

Our customer-focused “D-to-D” system is the backbone of our business. This enterprise-wide quality system ensures you get exceptional customer service, streamlined processes, innovative products, state-of-the-art manufacturing and an unwavering commitment to meet your deadline. Click here to learn more about our Design-to-Delivery system.

Label Materials Engineered For Durability

Your graphic solutions need to stay in place and look great despite exposure to abrasives, chemicals, direct sun, high temperatures or saltwater. Our “engineered construction” process ensures you get the durable custom labels you need.

Thanks to decades of experience, we understand the chemical reactions between label materials such as various types of plastics, metals, inks, adhesions and substrates. We know how to ensure the materials work symbiotically for durability in any given environment.

As a plastics specialist, we’ve mastered the ability to print on various types of label materials:

·       Polycarbonate, also known as Lexan® for nameplates, graphic overlays and UL® markings

·       Polyester, also known as PET for graphic overlays, membrane switch keypads and nameplates

·       PVC, also known as Rigid Vinyl for nameplates, domed nameplates, UL® markings, plastic cards and templates

·       Polyester label stock, also known as Mylar® for decals, variable data labels and UL® markings

·       Vinyl label and decal stock

Of course, we also offer custom metal labels! Companies around the world call us to request custom metallic stickers, aluminum labels, metal adhesive labels, metallic adhesive labels, numbered metal tags and metal labels for equipment.

A Wide Variety of Asset Identification and Traceability Solutions

Do you need custom labels, nameplates, or graphic overlays with serial numbers, bar coding, QR codes, UDI codes, NFC or RFID tracking?

We’ll help you determine the most cost-effective, reliable solution for your tracking and inventory management requirements. Our production team offers the expertise to meet stringent standards related to coding systems. For example, we ensure GS1 DataMatrix barcodes precisely conform to GS1 and ISO standards in order to receive GS1 verification and approval.

ISO and Other Certifications

As an ISO 2000-certified manufacturer, NFI Corp has implemented systems that ensure consistency and quality. Additional certifications and services include:

  • UL® 969 Recognized Constructions
  • CSA Certified Constructions
  • ITAR Registration (ensures export control is in place)
  • The ability to provide first article reports, 100% visual inspection and audits

Fast, Flexible, Affordable Solutions

NFI Corp’s customer service team can deliver a fast quote, send samples, produce your prototypes and fulfill your orders with surprising efficiency. In fact, customers tell us our service and responsiveness is unmatched in the industry. We consistently exceed 99% on-time delivery.

Plus, we’ll work with you to find affordable solutions by:

  • Considering the best possible construction for your unique application
  • Understanding your inventory control systems to select the best shipping option
  • Discussing whether Kanban or contract pricing fits your situation

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