Custom Membrane Switches, Keypads and Panels

Electrical switches that turn circuits on and off, membrane switches enable communication capabilities for many different types of technology products, equipment and systems. These interface utilities can be simple tactile switches that control lighting, touch-screen panels, plastic keyboards or toggle switches.

With membrane keypads, functionality is critical – they must meet your specs, and they must function accurately. From simple switches to complex membrane keypad architecture for instrumentation panels and industrial keypads, NFI Corp has the experience and expertise to bring your project to life.

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Custom Membrane Switches Built to Your Specifications

You can rely on NFI Corp to design and manufacture new membrane switches as well as replications of existing switches. We will partner with you and share our expertise to determine the type of circuitry and features that enable your product to function at its highest level, with an optimal experience for the end user. Of course, your membrane switches will be manufactured with high quality materials and meet your exacting specifications.

What Kind of Membrane Switch Are You Looking For? We Can Help!

NFI Corp is your reliable source for a variety of membrane switch and keypad types:

  • Membrane keypads
  • Touch-screen panels
  • Custom keypads
  • Membrane switch panels
  • Instrumentation panels
  • Rubber dome switches
  • Custom front panels
  • Custom membrane switches
  • Dome switch keyboards
  • Industrial keypads
  • Membrane switch keyboards
  • Custom membrane keypads

Membrane Switch and Keypad Features:

We manufacture switches, keypads and panels with a wide range of available features:

  • Tactile metal domes
  • Tactile polyester domes
  • Non-tactile switches
  • Rim, pillow and dome embossing
  • EMI/RFI and ESD shielding
  • Integrated LEDs
  • Environmentally sealed for demanding use
  • Full-color graphic membrane overlays to enhance appearance
  • Popular LED and LCD window options
  • Female connectors (.10” pitch)
  • ZIF connectors tail (1mm pitch)

Options for Appliances, Keypad Inputs, Industrial Controllers, Instrumentation Overlays & Medical Devices

NFI Corp offers a range of available options for your membrane switch:

  • NEMA 4 watertight constructions
  • Male connectors or solder tabs
  • Other ZIF connector pitch
  • Etched Kapton circuits
  • Far East membrane switch pricing

Download Our Free Membrane Switch Design Guide

We encourage you to download and review our free Membrane Switch Design Guide. It will step you through important considerations and choices for your project such as:

  • Types of Membrane Switches: non-tactile, tactile and PCB-backed
  • Graphic Overlay Choices: color matching, embossing, display windows, selective texturing, material selection and interchangeable legends
  • Circuit Design: configuration, ESD/EMI/RFI shielding, connector tail, venting, integrated LEDs and backlighting

Request a Free Membrane Switch Sample!

Call us at 800-999-8900 or fill out our contact form to request a free sample membrane switch. In addition to testing the sample, you’ll see various styles of LEDs and feel the difference between tactile and non-tactile keys. Can’t decide whether to have embossed keys? Our membrane switch sample and knowledgeable customer representatives will help you decide.

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