Use NFI’s stock colors and color chart guide for custom labels and other graphic solutions – or we can match your colors to the Pantone and Fed-Std-595 systems.

Nameplates For Industry works with a group of custom stock colors. The color blocks listed below are meant to simulate the actual stock colors used by NFi. The exact shades will vary.

The resulting printed color will depend upon the actual thickness, surface finish, material selected and any other colors that are used in the production process. The stock colors shown below should be used as a “general reference” guide only. The exact printed shades will vary. The closest PMS colors are listed.

NFi can match your colors to the Pantone and/or Fed-Std-595 systems. We also have the ability to match color based on a provided swatch, housing or chassis.

Designing for an aesthetically pleasing contrast is preferable to achieving exact matches. Color chips and/or press proofs can be provided for process control.


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