Electronics, Technology and Instrument Labels

Your industry is fast-paced and innovative. That’s why leading-edge companies around the world rely on NFI Corp for high-performing electronics labels, technology stickers, nameplates, overlays, switchplates, and membrane switches.

We’re a vendor partner that understands the challenges you face as you strive to ensure your technology product meets all specs and adheres to safety and compliance regulations. That’s why we encourage you to consult with NFI Corp’s Design Studio at the front-end of your product development. Our in-house designers pride themselves on providing expertise in design AND engineering. By focusing on your specific needs, applicable standards, engineering considerations and an attractive design, our Design Studio team will ensure the final product meets your specs and exceeds your expectations.

Electronic Labels and Stickers for a Range of Situations

First, take a step back and look at your everyday communications products from a consumer’s point of view. On your cell phone, tablet and computer, you see logos. Did those logos sway you to make those purchases?

You see a serial number and barcode on your television. Have you ever needed the information on that label to make a repair call?

Now think about it from your manufacturing perspective. Whether it’s a nameplate that makes a customer or consumer‘s decision easy, or a label that makes a process simple and convenient, you can build trust in your brand’s innovations by partnering with NFI Corp.

We know that it’s about compliance and your ability to provide customers with the knowledge necessary to use your technology and communications equipment safely, effectively and efficiently.

What Type of Graphic Solution Do You Need?

When you work with NFI Corp, you have access to a variety of graphic solutions.

If your product requires an electronics waste disposal tag, try our sub-surface nameplates. NFI Corp nameplates are created with the ink on the underside of transparent plastic materials, making them durable in both indoor and outdoor environments.

When you need an overlay or faceplate for your IED (Intelligent Electronic Device), your front panels and switch assemblies’ graphic displays should incorporate durability, simple functionality and safety. Those are our specialties at NFI Corp.

If you need to display your equipment’s quality and your commitment to compliance and safety, try our UL® and CSA® certification labels.

When you need an energy label, look to NFI Corp to provide your label in the right size, shape and typesetting, with an adhesive that meets industry standard removal and adherence requirements.

Behind the scenes at your manufacturing operations, NFI Corp serial numbers and barcode labels can help track your assets as they travel through supply chains. What’s more, they’re designed to withstand abrasion and chemical exposure for even the toughest handling and environmental situations.

Graphic Solutions Customized to Meet Your Needs

With NFI Corp, you’ll gain access to graphic solutions that meet your needs with customized options for a variety of label applications, including instrument stickers. Our graphic solutions provide the quality and durability your project requires, including:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Compliance with certification requirements
  • Chemical resistance
  • Durability
  • Traceability
  • Waterproof / weatherproof protection

Designed with Your Brand in Mind

Using your preferred aesthetics, such as specific color-coding, our in-house team will help you design customized labels that clearly identify and differentiate your brand.

Ordering Is Easy

Our Design-to-Delivery system makes the entire process for your project simple and efficient – from prototyping to delivery. Our in-house design team ensures you have the right information and design, on the best material, with the appropriate adhesive for all your graphic solutions.

The NFI Corp Design-to-Delivery system functions with your time in mind, offering easy uploading of proof files and final graphics approval.

Start Your Project Today!

Ask us for a fast quote and a prototype of your graphic solution, and we’ll also provide a timeline to ensure prompt delivery. Or request a visual sample, and we’ll send you an electronic file including competitive prices.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us for more information about our broad range of graphic solutions. Our specialists are ready to answer any questions you have about your electronics label needs.

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