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Here at NFI Corp, we know that our customers expect us to deliver the highest quality products and that requires state-of-the-art printing technology.  Moreover, the future is digital and to that end our digital printing solutions offer short lead times and surprising design flexibility.  As with all we do, our digital printing technology supports our commitment to be fully customizable.

The HP Indigo Digital Press is the new standard for print quality that provides a boundless color scale, superior color management and high quality automated finishing. The HP Indigo Digital Press produces consistently high-quality and improved efficiency which provides a quick turnaround and cost savings to our customers.

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This advanced technology offers the best of the best quality. It delivers rapid turnaround and reduced set up time which expedites getting product into our customers hands.

NFI Corp’s wide range of capabilities include sheet and roll fed printing availability and the following:

  • Unlimited variable designs like serial numbers and barcodes
  • UL Labels and other certification labels
  • A design team who will help you keep your vision unique and innovative
  • Fully RoHS compliant and free from REACH substances of very high concern
  • Unlimited design options with Mosaic: The Unlimited Design Generator
  • Fully customized; specifically tailored to customer specifications
NFI Digital Printing HP Indigo

Benefits of Digital Printing include:

  • Reduced lead times and reduced cost
  • Short-run and long-run projects
  • Link technology with QR Codes
  • Sheet and roll-fed printing availability
  • Gravure-matching quality and color capabilities that deliver unlimited color options

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NFI Corp is a UL approved label supplier.  Our verified labels meet all standards required by the UL/CSA benchmarks.  We are the global leader in this space thanks to our HP Indigo Digital Press!  Our accreditation offers 2 key benefits:

  1. Get UL Labels with Variable Datathese include barcodes, QR codes, UPC codes, serial numbers, consecutive numbering, expiration dates, etc. Variable data labels are essential for asset tracking, inventory control, security, compliance, warranties and repair control.
  2. Enjoy the many benefits of digital printing Our advanced digital printing capabilities are FAST. With our accredited Digital UL Construction, your UL labels experience a fast lead time, fast printing process, fast drying time and fast turn time.

NFI has been a global leader in the production of custom, high-performing graphic solutions for over 40 years and digital printing is here to stay.

Let us show you how we offer fast turnaround, multiple designs and a lower cost.

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