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Design for your nameplate, faceplate, or membrane switch is complex. Where do you start?

Start by calling NFI Corp’s Design Studio. Our experienced group of in-house engineering-based designers will team with you to create a custom industrial label, nameplate, faceplate, membrane switch, or other graphic solution that exactly meets your requirements.

Together, we’ll start with a focus on functionality and engineering considerations.

Your graphic solution made accurately to meet your specifications, work within printing parameters, and integrate perfectly with your manufactured product. Will your product feature a faceplate, switchplate, keypad, or display screen? Engineering considerations such as these significantly impact the graphic solution we produce for you and the overall functionality of your product. For example, we ensure membrane switches feature good usability and ease-of-use for end customers.

Precision is a given.

For 40 years, NFI Corp has teamed with some of the largest corporations on the planet for label design – corporations that demand absolute precision. That’s why precision is a hallmark of NFI Corp’s entire Design-to-Delivery process, starting in our Design Studio then in all in-house manufacturing steps. (We never outsource!) Click to learn more about our 4-step Design-to-Delivery system.

Your graphic solution will meet all applicable industry standards.Design

For many of our industrial manufacturing, government/military, medical, and technology/communications customers, label design goes hand-in-hand with meeting a wide variety of strict industry and government requirements. We’ll ensure your graphic solution meets applicable standards including:

We’ll discuss the product’s “environment” and material choices for durability.

When you call, we’ll discuss your product’s ultimate environment. For example, will it be used outdoors? Submerged in salt water? Exposed to harsh cleansers? NFI Corp offers a wide range of material choices to ensure long-lasting performance and durability of your:

Of course, you’ll get a great-looking design.

No matter the graphic solution you need – custom industrial labels, nameplates, faceplates, or membrane switches – NFI Corp’s Design Studio will create an attractive, sleek, up-to-date label design. Here’s an idea: Bring us your current products with tired, out-of-date designs and we’ll create attention-getting designs that breathe new life into your brand.

Call us early in your product-development process, even if you just have a raw concept on the drawing board.

We encourage you to call NFI Corp’s Design Studio while your product is in early stages of concept design. We understand that your product design will evolve, and our graphic solution will evolve as well. It’s important to start the conversation early. Don’t wait until your new product reaches final stages before calling us! When you consult with our engineering-based designers early in the process, we can guide you in the right direction to help ensure your final product gets off the ground on time, with no last-minute surprises.

A NEW way to make a splash!

Get ready to let your creative juices flow – and grab your customers’ attention. With NFI Corp’s new Unlimited Design Generator … Powered by HP, you get a 100% unique design on every plastic label, nameplate, faceplate, or dial.

How does it work?

Our sophisticated software manipulates ONE design into MANY variations. This new, exciting process creates thousands of unique designs!

Quick ideas to get creative:

  • Fun, unique plastic branding labels for your products
  • Colorful plastic dials on your equipment
  • Camouflage patterns on plastic hunting-related items

Learn more – and see colorful examples.
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