Long-Lasting Domed Labels Offer a High-End Look

Do you need a label that makes your company logo stand out? If so, 3D custom domed labels are a perfect choice for branding, since they make logos and graphics POP. Is your equipment or machinery used in rugged outdoor environments? If so, domed labels are also a great choice, since NFI Corp.’s quality materials can weather any condition.

Companies around the world purchase custom domed labels from NFI Corp. for two key reasons:

  • Domed labels sport a high-end look – Without a doubt, this eye-catching 3D label makes your company logo POP! Domed labels are the go-to choice for companies looking for a professional-looking label that grabs attention.
  • Domed labels offer long-lasting durability – Thanks to our quality materials (including engineered adhesives), NFI Corp.’s domed labels stand up to salt water, cleansers, solvents, and harsh weather conditions. Many of our customers manufacture outdoor equipment and machinery – they appreciate that our domed labels are exceptionally tough. They also appreciate that dents and dings are self-healing, so they look great for years.

Together, these features make our domed labels the perfect choice to showcase your brand and support your product identification. You can trust our 3D urethane domed labels to enhance your product and make your logo stand out!

Custom Domed Labels Are Engineered for Durability

All NFI Corp. domed labels, stickers, tags and decals are:

  • Approved for indoor and outdoor use
  • Chemical and abrasion resistant
  • Durable
  • Produced with non-yellowing, automotive-grade compound
  • Waterproof and weatherproof

Types of Domed Labels

What Kinds of Domed Labels & Stickers Are You Looking For? We Can Help!

Domed labels will make your logo or graphic stand out! Our custom domed labels are the #1 choice of major manufacturers around the world. Why? Because the cured polyurethane coating makes every logo POP with a bright, glossy look and enticingly tactile feel.

Thanks to their 3D quality, domed labels really grab attention – so much more than a standard paper label. Our customers tell us they choose domed labels because the dimensional, glossy quality offers a high-end look (without a high-end cost).

Look to NFI Corp. as your reliable source for:

  • Domed stickers
  • 3D labels
  • Raised stickers
  • Dome tags
  • Custom domed stickers
  • Custom domed labels
  • Branding labels
  • Marketing labels
  • Custom logo labels
  • Local brand stickers
  • Stickers for products

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Uses of Domed Labels: The Choice for Long-Lasting Labels

Suitable for all industries, NFI Corp.’s 3D custom logo labels are engineered for durability. These non-yellowing domed logos will sport a high-end look for years, whether your product is indoors or outdoors.

  • The doming urethane of our 3D labels is outdoor-grade, weatherproof, non-yellowing, and certified for outdoor use.
  • The permanent, custom-engineered adhesive ensures your domed label will stick to any surface.
  • The durable construction meets Society of Automotive Engineers specifications.
  • “Self-healing” 3D custom domed stickers are abrasion resistant. The surface will “heal” itself from dents and dings.

Domed branding labels, stickers, and tags can be used in any industry and applied on:

  • Appliances
  • Boats, vehicles, tractor-trailers, and other transportation equipment
  • Computer equipment
  • Electronics
  • HVAC equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Instrumentation

Layers of a Domed Label

Engineered Adhesives

NFI Corp. is widely regarded for its aggressive engineered adhesives, which bond to all types of surfaces. Does your domed label need to be waterproof or weatherproof? Will your label need to withstand cleansers or industrial solvents? If so, our in-house designers will specify the appropriate adhesive to meet your specific needs.

It’s helpful to note that many of our global customers manufacture industrial equipment, medical devices, and transportation equipment. These companies rely on NFI Corp. for domed labels that withstand harsh chemicals and rugged environments – including saltwater immersion.

Printing Sizes and Shapes

Here’s an opportunity to be creative and use your imagination! At NFI Corp., our domed labels can be virtually any size and shape – whatever you need. Domed labels are printed just like typical paper or plastic labels, then cut out with a die before the coating compound is added.

We have a library with thousands of dies to choose from, including a wide variety of round, oblong, square, and rectangular sizes as well as unusual shapes. Or you can order your own custom die. (Note that some shapes are not conducive to doming, such as a donut shape or highly detailed lettering. Our in-house designers will walk you through this step.)


We use specialized equipment to coat your domed label with a 2-part, outdoor-rated urethane that is applied over the printed image. (This coating compound is clear and can be used for LCD lenses or LED windows.) This final production step ensures your domed labels, stickers, or tags look great and perform in challenging conditions.

Keep in mind that domed labels are “self-healing,” so they won’t show dents and dings. This is a BIG advantage over paper labels, because it enhances your brand visibility over the long run. Click HERE to learn more about how tactile custom domed labels are irresistibly touchable!


Graphics, Colors & Art Files

At NFI Corp., we like to say: “If we can print it, we can probably dome it!” We use a 4-color printing process, so this means ALL colors are available to you, with no limitation. Click HERE for ideas and inspiration from our blog article: “Be bold: Showcase your brand!”

Thanks to our “Design-to-Delivery” quality system, you’ll experience a fast, efficient process to upload logo files, review proofs, and approve final art files.


NFI Corp.’s Domed Label Design and Printing Process

Thanks to our Design, Prepress and Printing Expertise, Your Brand Will Shine

It’s easy to get started! Simply scroll down to send us a message. (You can also order free samples.) One of our team members will immediately reply to your message.

It’s important to note that your project is never outsourced. Our in-house team of skilled designers will work with you to create or finalize the design, clarify all specifications, and select the appropriate material and engineered adhesive. At NFI Corp., we customize every domed label project to fully meet the customers’ needs.

In fact, our design and pre-press services are a key step in our enterprise-wide “Design-to-Delivery” quality system. Much care and skill is invested at the beginning of every project to ensure accuracy. By focusing on quality at the front end, we ensure the final product meets your specs and exceeds your expectations.

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