Custom Metal Nameplates – a Durable Solution

For decades, companies around the world have relied on NFI Corp. for custom metal nameplates for their products, machinery, and equipment. Your metal nameplate – manufactured with stainless steel, aluminum, plated alloys, or brass – is an exceptional way to ensure the highest level of durability. Custom metal nameplates are the perfect solution to permanently communicate important company information, product ID, operating instructions, and safety warnings.

And thanks to the precision of NFI Corp.’s metal nameplates, a wide variety of global corporations rely on us for their custom metal dials, scales, and templates. These tools, skillfully fabricated to meet precise specifications, are vital to these companies’ manufacturing processes.

Here are a few types of metal nameplates:

  • Metal logo plates with contact information
  • Machine tags
  • Product identification plates
  • Model number plates and serial number tags (static or variable data)
  • Metal asset/property tags for tools, equipment, and machinery
  • Instructional tags
  • Rating plates and serial plates
  • Dials, scales, and templates for machining and manufacturing processes

A Solution That Lasts – and You Get it Fast

You can rely on NFI Corp. for on-time delivery, every time. Our customer service team can deliver your quote, send samples, produce your prototype, and fulfill your orders with surprising efficiency and the highest level of accuracy. In fact, customers tell us our service and responsiveness are unmatched in the industry!

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Example Uses of Metal Nameplates

NFI Corp.’s custom metal nameplates serve organizations around the world, in many different ways. Here are just a few examples:

  • Aircraft, boats, trucks, and other transportation equipment – Whether military or commercial, all types of airplanes, helicopters, boats, ships, trucks, and other transportation vehicles require exceptionally durable custom metal nameplates, identification plates, and serial plates.
  • Construction, HVAC, and other outdoor equipment and machinery – NFI Corp’s custom metal nameplates can boast high-performing durability, even after years of exposure to extreme environmental conditions: heat and humidity, UV light, harsh industrial solvents, abrasive cleansers, and even saltwater immersion!
  • Precision tools used in the manufacturing process – Dials, scales, and templates that last for years are critical tools in machining and manufacturing processes. At NFI Corp., we understand your need for absolute precision. After all, an out-of-spec metal template (for example) simply is not acceptable. Choose from stainless steel, aluminum, plated alloys, or brass for your die, scale, or template. Plus, we can emboss any design or measurement system on your tool.
  • Tamperproof metal asset/property tags – It happens all-too-often: your company’s tools, equipment, and machinery can be lost, misplaced, or stolen. To identify assets and discourage theft, you can turn to NFI Corp.’s durable, tamperproof, self-adhesive metal asset tags.

Features of NFI Corp.’s Custom Metal Nameplates:

NFI Corp. offers metal nameplates with a wide range of features to meet your needs:

  • Skillfully fabricated to meet your precise specifications
  • Choose etched or stamped serial numbers (or other static or variable data)
  • Adhere with NFI Corp.’s engineered adhesives or request precise screw holes for mechanical attachment
  • Perfect for a wide variety of environments, including high temperatures and caustic environments
  • The perfect solution for a wide variety of government and military applications

Custom Shapes & Sizes

Backed by 40 years in the metal nameplate business, NFI Corp. has an exceptional library of standard shapes and sizes in stainless steel, aluminum, plated alloys, and brass.

Need unusual shapes or sizes? Just ask – we’re here to help. If you need an original, custom design for your metal nameplate, take advantage of our Prototype Program. You can order 10 pieces to verify the nameplate’s shape and overall look-and-feel. This provides an opportunity to adhere the prototype nameplate to your product or machine housing to ensure form, fit, and function.

Material Options

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Plated alloys
  • Brass
  • Plastic nameplates: Lexan® polycarbonate (UL® or CSA-approved construction), Mylar® polyester, and transparent PVC vinyl

Standard Options for Metal Plates

Our in-house engineering-based designers will work with you to select the options and specifications that meet your needs:

  • Aluminum, brass, plated alloys, and stainless steel
  • Anodized, etched, printed or sealed photo-metal
  • CNC machine tolerances of +/-.005″
  • Punch-press tolerances of +/-.015″
  • Thickness range up to .125″

Color Choices

The sky’s the limit! As you can see in the photos on this page, your custom metal nameplate can sport any color or combination of colors. This is especially good news if you want to showcase your company logo on a metal nameplate, proudly and permanently attached to your product.


Adhesive versus Screw Holes

Which is best for your application: high-performance adhesive or screw holes for mechanical attachment? Our in-house engineering-based designers will discuss your application with you, including the mounting surface, environment, and exposure to industrial solvents.

Often, cutouts or screw holes are the best solution to rivet or screw your custom metal nameplate to the product or equipment’s surface. But don’t overlook the power of long-lasting adhesives. At NFI Corp., we pride ourselves in our engineered adhesives. Our designers will carefully select the appropriate adhesive to match your requirements – an adhesive that will provide permanent application.

Additional Options, Including Certifications

Here are additional features that NFI Corp. offers for the most demanding applications:

  • Adherence customization: U.S. military specifications MIL-P-19834 or MIL-P-15024
  • Serial numbers, barcodes, and other static or variable data
  • QR and 2D matrix UIDs
  • UL®, CSA, CE, and RU certification
  • Department of State’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)

Quality throughout the Fabrication Process, thanks to our Design-to-Delivery System

When you team with NFI Corp. to design and construct your metal nameplates, you may hear us talk about our “D-to-D” system. Why? Our enterprise-wide Design-to-Delivery quality system ensures you get the expertise of our in-house designers during the initial steps of your project. When it comes to manufacturing and delivering your metal nameplates, you’ll appreciate our unwavering commitment to quality, from start to finish.

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