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Your customer base may include many of the same people that it did twenty years ago, but a large portion of these customers may have changed over the years. Today’s customer is looking for different things than they once did, and that includes what product labels and decals look like and communicate to them. Today, your labels need to do more than simply state the name of the product and your company name. You need custom product labels that offer everything a customer may look for. Here are some things the modern customer looks for on product labels.


Your labels are not that useful if they come loose, fade, or tear after a short period of use. They need to be durable and remain unaffected by wear and tear, the weather, and the temperature. In some cases, your products may be exposed to chemicals, oils, and other fluids. Any industrial decals used on these products will need to survive exposure to these chemicals. If your labels can’t stand up to at least a few years of very heavy use, customers may look at other brands.

Safety and Certification Information

Customers want to know that the products they are using have been tested or certified. It’s no longer enough to have this information hidden away somewhere on the product. Customers, especially those in industries that are required to meet certain safety standards, need to be able to quickly identify if a product meets those standards. Modern printing technology makes it very easy to print these safety stickers and labels with a variety of information, including serial numbers, expiration dates, and more. They can be customized to include anything you need.

QR Codes and Bar Codes

It wasn’t that long ago that very few people could make use of QR codes, but today, that’s no longer the case. A large number of people have smartphones that can scan these codes and pull up the connected information. You can add small QR codes to your custom product labels so your customers can view information that you couldn’t include on the label due to space or that is updated frequently. Generating these codes is very simple, and the benefits are limitless. They can take the user to the product’s instruction manual, a video demonstration, your social media page, the product support page, or any other website or uploaded content. They make it possible to share much more information than you could ever fit on the product’s actual label.

Green Information

If your product is made from recycled materials or manufactured using green production methods, modern customers want to know about it. Put this information on your tamper resistant labels to indicate that your company focuses on the environment and has taken steps to reduce your carbon footprint. Customers care more about green practices than ever, and many do decide which companies to support based on their environmental practices. Adding this information to your product label may actually increase your product base.

These are just a few things you can add to your product labels that your modern customers are looking for. A good label printing company will be able to help you include this information on durable labels that will last for years.

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