Medical Barcode Labels

Read ideas that will spark your own creative ideas!

Here are just a few ways the worldwide healthcare industry relies on Medical barcode labels for accuracy, efficiency, and durability. We hope these examples spark ideas on how YOUR organization can use Medical barcode labels throughout your facility.

  1. Track assets throughout your organization – While many of the assets in your organization stay put, many have wheels and “travel” throughout your facility! Medical barcode labels, QR code labels, and DataMatrix labels (aka GS1, UID, UDI) help you track all types of medical equipment from surgical kits to beds – as well as the location of critical diagnostic machines on wheels. Labels used for asset tracking are often referred to as inventory barcodes, metal barcode labels, and barcode asset tags. All have the option of variable data such as unique barcodes and QR codes as well as serial numbering.
  2. If you manufacture Medical equipment, date tracking is required – Barcode labels from NFI Corp enable you to comply with the new legal requirements for date tracking of manufactured equipment.
  3. Apply “tamper-proof” Medical barcode labels to the equipment you manufacture – Consider this scenario: Your organization has high traffic and many physical assets. Custom tamper-evident labels can indicate if that equipment has been disturbed. Here’s another scenario: Your company manufactures biometric, clinical, or diagnostic equipment with strict warranty requirements. Tamper-proof labels can clearly reveal when someone inappropriately meddles with the device. With custom tamper-evident labels from NFI Corp, you’ll have proof and protection for inventory tracking, warranties, and a host of other critical applications.
  4. Use QR code labels for marketing and educational purposes – How can you use QR codes in your marketing campaigns and for patient education? There’s virtually no limit to the creative ideas! Here’s one example: Place a QR code label on your printed marketing collateral or patient forms. The code can contain a link to educational videos that explain complicated healthcare topics to patients and caregivers.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Medical barcode labels

What type of file should my company provide for Medical barcode labels?

We accept files from database software programs such as Microsoft Office Access, FileMaker, and Oracle. Plus, we accept files from the most common spreadsheet software: Microsoft Excel, AppleWorks, and Google Docs. Please contact our Design Studio team to discuss your variable data needs – including file types – as early as possible in your label project.

Can NFI Corp produce Medical barcode labels that meet our organization’s strict compliance standards?

NFI Corp has many years of experience producing all forms of barcode labels including QR code labels, UPC, Code 128, Code 39, UL, CE, ECL, ETL, RFID, UID, UDI and GS1 DataMatrix. In fact, we often receive inquiries from companies around the world to create and print barcodes that precisely meet stringent ISO and GS1 DataMatrix standards. We invite you to read our case study: “Overcoming technical challenges to create and print GS1 DataMatrix barcodes.”

Our organization needs tamper-proof labels. Can we get this from NFI Corp?”

Of course! In addition to tamper-evident and indestructible labels, we offer labels on rolls for ease of use, peel tabs for easy application, aluminum serial number tags, metal nameplates, photo metal processing, and steel stamping without color (for durability). Our customers in the Medical field appreciate that NFI Corp labels offer:

  • Abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Custom-engineered adhesive
  • High-performing durability
  • Indoor and outdoor use (can withstand harsh environments)
  • Imprintable barcode stickers for DIY serial numbering – Open Information Windows are available when you want to protect your own information with the durability of the plastic nameplates
  • Capturite® labels with a unique, coated, imprintable white or silver Mylar® label along with a clear, self-laminating Mylar® cover layer that permanently seals the imprinted data or information (perfect for indoor and outdoor use, these labels bond permanently for the life of your product)
  • Visit our “Barcode Labels” page to learn more