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At Nameplates For industry we manufacture UL® labels which meet certain specifications to ensure standards are adhered to. The only way to let your customers know that you follow UL® guidelines is with the UL® logo, which can only be manufactured by a UL® authorized vendor like Nameplates For Industry. By displaying the UL® marking you are displaying that your products meet the highest safety and quality standards giving reassurance to your customers. As an authorized UL® label vendor, we follow all UL® guidelines giving you peace of mind.

UL 969 Recognized Construction UL Samples

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Nameplates For Industry is an authorized vendor for UL/CSA approved and CSA marking approved labels. The registered trademarks and printing of these labels is tightly controlled and only authorized vendors have the ability to create these unique labels.

UL – Underwriters Laboratories

Nameplates For Industry is authorized to print UL stickers, labels and all UL marks. We are registered with the UL Authorized Label Suppliers Program PGAA, under File #LP1594. RU certification and UL are registered certification marks and may only be used under the terms of written agreement with Underwriters Laboratories and on or in connection with products that have been certified by UL.

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Type R Mark (UL symbol & a four character Control Number as assigned)

The final layout of the most common Type R Mark must be provided to UL for review and acceptance prior to production. The UL manufacturer who will use the UL Marks has the responsibility to ensure that the UL Mark content has the required information. As authorization to print Type R Marks, Nfi will need a copy of the Listing/Classification Mark Data Page or a stamped drawing of the UL Mark directly from the manufacturer. Your Listing/Classification Mark Data page is located in the UL manufacturer’s copy of the UL Follow-Up Services Procedure. NFI will need this UL/Classification Mark Data Page upon an order.

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Type L Mark

An even more controlled UL marking, the Type L mark requires authorization for each sticker order from UL with Issue or Serial Numbers. An order number will be provided to NFi by UL, containing the appropriate quantities and designated Issue or Serial Numbers every order. Allow extra time for processing UL approvals.

RU Certification

The RU certification component mark does not require a stamped drawing, however the label information that will be printed should be reviewed for correctness prior to production by the UL label engineer.

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RU Certification Sample

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Category PGDQ2 and UL94

All UL marking and labeling systems are tested by Underwriters Laboratories as a component under category PGDQ2 (UL 969 labels; NFi File #MH12578), and are approved and recognized as label constructions, not raw materials. NFi has some unique UL recognized and approved capabilities, such as a polycarbonate sticker that can be digitally printed with barcodes for indoor/outdoor use and a printed adhesive system that can be used on custom graphic overlays.

CSA – Canadian Standards Association

NFi offers a number of CSA-approved label constructions for end product suitability. CSA controls the use of their registered trademark and logo, requiring a unique identifier to each label for traceability. NFi’s identifier is “NF”, which must be included on all labels produced with the CSA mark or that require CSA approval.

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UL 94

UL 94 is a flammability rating of the plastic  materials. Our standard materials are either HB or V rated.