Durability Issues?
  • Sub-Surface printed polycarbonate available on any texture finishes and any gauges
  • Good for : Chemical, harsh weather conditions, water immersion, Sun exposure
  • Direct sun, exposure to hight temperatures and even immersion in salt water, are just some of the situations that we have helped our customers solve.
  • Our engineers will select the right adhesive for the right support
  • Our experts will provide additional advises for the specific application
  • Companies in every industry imaginable rely on NFI Corp for all types of heavy duty plastic labels including thermal transfer labels, pressure-sensitive labels, security labels, OSHA safety labels, high-temperature labels, chemical resistant labels, permanent labels and more.
  • Waterproof / weatherproof plastic labels survive extreme weather conditions, direct sun and even salt water.
  • Abrasion-resistant plastic labels withstand the constant use of abrasive cleansers and exposure to harsh chemicals.
Certification Requirements
  • We are Iso 9001-2008 Certified
  • We are UL, ITAR, ROHS and CSA certified
  • Some of the requirements that we provide include First Article Reports, 100% Visual Inspection, and Audits
  • ITAR Registration ensures that export control is in place, while UL and CSA registered requirements help to ensure that those unique specifications are met
Inventory Management Issues?
  • Digital printed sub surface labels provides tracking capabilities
  • Compatibility with all Asset Management Software
  • Reviewing your inventory control systems to select the best shipping alternatives