Everyone wants to save money and get the best price, but it is also important to get products that also deliver the best value. Nameplates For Industry provides our clients with many different options to help them get the best return on their investment. It is important to get the function and durability designed to suit your actual requirements, not to just settle for what you think you might need.

We work with your team to find affordable solutions by:

  • considering the best possible construction for your unique application, providing the opportunity for material values

  • reviewing your inventory control systems to select the best shipping alternatives

  • determine if Kanban or contract pricing fits your situation

Durable Construction

Our customers tell us that they are concerned about durability for their labels and graphics, as they need them to stay in place despite contact with abrasives and handling, chemical cleaning, submergence, harsh weather and extreme environmental conditions. Direct sun, exposure to high temperatures and even immersion in salt water, are just some of the situations that we have helped them to solve.

Nameplates For Industry has developed products that will meet all of those standards, requirements and more. In fact, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which is one of the most universal testing facilities in the world, has rated our constructions. With a comprehensive description of your product application and needs, our team can ensure that you are provided with the right construction for long-lasting durability.

Certifications and Quality

In order to meet the needs of our clients, some of the requirements that we provide include First Article Reports, 100% Visual Inspection, and Audits. As an ISO2000 certified company, we have systems that are put in place to ensure consistency and quality. ITAR Registration, ensures that export control is in place, while UL and CSARegistered requirements help to ensure that those unique specifications are met.

There are many different types of certifications and quality assurance checks that are being used within NFi. We are proud to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, which is why our motto is: “We care if we get it right!”

Design & Consultation

Many of our customers come to us and require assistance with regard to the design of their products. Our team provides consultation services that can help to determine the best course of action to take to meet the needs of the client. We can provide a total project review or work one-on-one with the project manager, to include special features that will enhance the product, either in durability, branding or image.

Consultation can either occur in-person, online or over the phone. These cost-effective services can be done in a number of ways, providing business owners and marketers with samples, prototypes, proofs, custom samples and other options, to help them choose the best available solution.