NFI meets multiple mil specs for custom labels – as well as for nameplates, faceplates, graphic overlays, membrane switches, and other graphic solutions.

itar_badgetNameplates For Industry’s Cage Code FSCM number is 66581 and our DUNS number is 08-081-6945. We maintain an updated registry with the Defense Logics Agency. NFi is also located in an Economic Target Area and has been successfully audited by several prime government contractors.

The following non-inclusive list is the military and government specifications that we commonly meet:

Mil-M-43719 (Self-adhesive Markers and Decals) Mil-DTL-43719D

  • Type I = Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
  • Type II = Repositionable Adhesive

Mil-P-19834 (Aluminum Foil .003″ thick)

  • Type 1 = Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
  • Type 2 = Solvent Activated Adhesive

Mil-P-15024 (Aluminum, Brass & Stainless Steel)

  • Type A = Etched & Color Filled (.030″ minimum thickness)
  • Type E = Printed (.030″ minimum thickness)
  • Type G = Aluminum Foil
  • Type H = Metalphoto
    • (With holes .020″ min. thickness)
    • (With adhesive: .012″ – .025″)

AMS 7290 (Aerospace Decals) – (CANCELLED June 2009) use A-A-59485 or mil-m-43719
A-A-59485 (Aerospace Markings and Decals)(construction not tested to spec)
Fed-Std-595 (Standard Colors and Gloss Levels)
Mil-Std-130 (General Marking Guidelines – U.S. Military Property)
Mil-Std-129 (Military Marking for Shipment and Storage)
Mil-P-514 (Etched Aluminum and Metalphoto .020″ thick – Cancelled in Feb. 1996)

  • Composition A, Class 2 = Aluminum
  • Composition C = Metalphoto

A-A-50271 (CID replacement for Mil-P-514)
GG-P-455 (Photosensitive anodized aluminum foil)

  • Type 1 = Metalphoto
  • Type 2 = Photo Etch

Mil-A-8625 (Anodic Coating Spec for Aluminum)
A-A-59485 (Aerospace Markings and Decals)(construction not tested to spec)
UU-D-171b (GSA Decals)
NSA-2H (Nameplates and Markings)

MIL-STD-130 contains general specifications for label creation, including the use of barcodes and serial numbers.