Faceplates & Overlays

faceplatesNFi specializes in custom faceplates and graphic overlays, which are ideal for recessed moldings, front panels and switch assemblies due to our unique printing process. We print the overlays on the underside or sub-surface to make them chemical and scratch resistant, increasing the life and durability of the finished product. Choose from a wide variety of unlimited colors, as well as materials ranging from .005″ to .030″ thickness, with additional gauges and backing plates also available. Flush displays, sealed fronts and abrasion resistant finishes work together to create long-lasting products.

Our faceplates and graphic overlays can be used on:

  • instumentation
  • electronics
  • medical equipment
  • industrial equipment
  • computers
  • appliances
  • HVAC


Die Cutting

Our 30 years of manufacturing custom printed products in the USA has helped us to accumulate a large library of dies that we can offer to our clients, giving them a wide variety of options for shape and size. NFi also creates custom dies to your specifications, accommodating the shapes, cutouts and holes required. Standard cutting tolerances of +/- .010″ are used, however tighter tolerances are available for an additional cost.



NFi also offers a variety of embossing services to our clients for our custom printed rigid plastic products, including rim embossing and pillow embossing, as well as more complex embossing services and techniques, such as Braille and LED domes.


Laser Cutting

Optically registered laser cutting enables prototyping and fine precision for close proximity cutouts, such as spacer guides. Our laser cutters have the ability to cut custom shapes and sizes that would be impossible to achieve using a steel rule die with typical tolerances of +/-.005″.


Deadfront Graphics

Are designed to be backlit and not visible until lit. The colors can be created by using translucent inks with a white light source or colored LED’s. Functionally the best effect is against a black (or very dark) background. NFi’s graphic designers can help you achieve the desired result.



Backlit Graphics

Are visible when not lit but become functional indicators when lit. The addition of urethane doming gives a button like feel.
For vehicles specific day time and night time colors can be defined so that when the vehicle lights are turned on graphics light up differently than when they are turned off.



Materials and Surface Finishes

We offer a wide range of materials and surface finishes, each with its own unique contribution to the look, feel and durability of the finished product.


  • Lexan® (Poly carbonate) – weatherable for demanding outdoor application (.005 – .030 thickness)
  • Mylar® (Polyester) – Extended superior chemical resistance and flexibility (.003 – .010 thickness)
  • PVC – scuff resistant vinyl (.006 – .030 thickness)


  • glossy – designed with a hardcoating that is added for extra durability
  • matte – creates a very smooth, non-reflective finish hard coated for scratch resistant windows and keys
  • textured – increases scratch resistance, is non-reflective and diffuses digital displays
  • brushed – creates an anodized aluminum look
  • Texturite® selective textured – used to create non-distorting display windows or to enhance graphic appearance


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