Hear What our Customers Have to Say

We partner with our customers and strive to provide exceptional customer service for every step of the journey from concept to delivery.

Richard D.

Young USA

“Many thanks for all your efforts, help and understanding. That is really first-class service.

May 2016

Lynn H.


“A little feedback for your team. We received the replacement overlays and they look good. We have moved ahead and proceeded with the application on to the product. On a personal note, it is not often that I have had the pleasure to work with a very responsive and courteous company. I do appreciate the kind and professional customer service. It is refreshing.

May 2016

Luis R.

Velasa Sports Inc. /SPARX Hockey

“NFI has been a great supplier to work with. There was a good amount of finalization of the product needed which delayed the actual order. This was handled kindly and very professionally. The product was delivered as designed and packaged professionally!

May 2016

Marianne D.

Roving Blue Inc.

“Please pass our compliments on to your entire team for a job well done. If all of our vendor-suppliers operated like NFI, we would be a very fortunate company indeed. We will be relying on you in the future.

April 2016

Betsy T.

Intrepid Control Systems Inc.

“Many thanks for getting our RAD – Galaxy bottom labels to us so quickly. The production team is happy … and then so am I.

April 2016

Bob D.

Thoren Aquatic & Caging Systems.

“The faceplate came out very nice – good fit and colors as well as the flat finish outside the window. Well Done!

April 2016

Michael D.

Hubbell Lighting Inc.

“I wish some of my other vendors were on top of it like you all.

April 2016

Vince K.

SemaConnect Inc.

“I was assigned the task to find a source for UL compliant labels for one of our products. After contacting a few potential vendors, I found NFI. They were quick to respond with many samples and were very helpful with information and suggestions. The Account Representative was very patient with my many questions and iterations of my label specifications. NFI’s prices are reasonable and delivery is prompt. I would recommend them as a source for any type of labels, and in particular, ones that meet the UL Outdoor requirements.

February 2016

Jim F.

Detroit Muscle Technologies LLC

“The quality and turnaround time was incredible.

February 2016

Bryan S.

ClockTower Technology Services Inc.

“The sales representative was very prompt with the quote and samples. The whole process was a good experience from my side.

February 2016

Mark B.

Anaren Microwave

“We installed the labels on our units and they look great. Very pleased with your abilities to meet our very short timelines … thank you!

December 2015

M. Silverstein


“Just a quick note to say thank you to your team for the great work! We are very pleased with how close the edges of the components are to the Lexan holes. It couldn’t be better!

March 2015

Robert R.

ATC Nuclear / ArgoTurbo

“We were not surprised by your quality because you came highly recommended, but the nameplates most definitely exceeded our high expectations.

April 2015

Daniel T.

Elektron Music Machines Inc

“The labels you produced for us came out perfect. Thank you!

May 2016

Pete S.

SIA Engineering Company

“Thought I would share an update on the overlay and how it looks on the device. It was a steep learning curve, but we are pleased with the results. The fit is perfect, the lens works better than I thought it would, and the adhesive does a great job. All in all, the overlay sets the product in the right light and is very professional looking. Thanks for guiding us through the process to get a great overlay.

June 2015