Serial Number Tags

Nameplates For Industry can add serial numbering to all of our other product offerings. Our sub-surface custom printed serial number labels are the most durable construction available on the market today. We print your custom graphics and text on the underside of a glossy or velvet finish film made of Lexan ® (polycarbonate) or polyester and add your consecutive serial numbers to your custom designed serial number tag.

An engineered adhesive backing is then applied to ensure that your serial number sticker will last for the life of your product. The construction process used at Nameplates For Industry for our serial number stickers is also weather proof and resistant to chemicals and abrasives.

Other options available for serial numbered tags include:

  • finish options such as matte, metallic, glossy or velvet
  • UL/CSA approved serial number nameplates
  • metal serial number plates
  • aluminum serial number tags
  • steel stamping without color for durability
  • photo metal processing
  • tamper-proof design can prove whether the tag has been compromised
  • NFi also manufacture imprintable labels to which you can add your own serial numbers[More info].

Choose from a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles for your serial numbered label. Use alphanumeric data or choose between sequential and random serial numbers for your serial number stickers.

When you add serial numbers, barcodes or QR codes to your custom graphic stickers, you can dramatically enhance your ability to track or allocate assets within your company. QR codes can be incorporated in with serial numbered labels to provide additional information during inventory inspections and audits.